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AppMetrics® Load Diagnostics

Showing you your Web Application's true Load Performance Curve

Web applications are at the core of every business today.

Their performance is usually tested in the controlled environment of the test Lab., but their real test comes when they are exposed to that ‘cloud’ of real users, who typically don't follow the test Lab rules. No matter how much testing you do in the lab, conditions in the production real cloud world are totally different - server clusters, routers, firewalls and provider service level issues come into play that simply cannot be duplicated in a lab setting. The view from the ‘cloud’ is definitely not the same as the view from inside your test lab!

AppMetrics Load Diagnostics provides a different solution from the classic testing methodology. It combines an external, on-demand network of agent computers with sophisticated server-side monitoring to duplicate what happens in the "real world" rather than the simulated world of the test lab, bringing all aspects of the infrastructure into play so that bottlenecks and other nasty surprises can be uncovered and fixed before your customers find them!

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